Retro Commissioning

Energy costs are constantly on the rise, and organizations’ resources are becoming increasingly limited. In an effort to keep energy costs down, maintenance and engineering managers have begun looking for ways to improve the performance of their facilities’ energy-consuming systems.

One way to significantly reduce these costs is through the process of retro commissioning. The process offers managers an organized approach to identifying operating problems with existing facilities and systems, as well as opportunities for increased energy efficiency and reduced operating costs.

Setting Goals

Retro commissioning, much like commissioning for new buildings, is an organized process that identifies facility performance objectives, a methodology for testing and verifying those objectives are achieved, and documentation of the process. But retro-commissioning is performed on facilities that are already in operation, and it is typically in response to problems that exist within building systems.

The overall goals of the retro commissioning process are to:

  • Verify and document that the key building systems are performing in accordance with the owner’s defined operational needs
  • Reduce both energy consumption and operating costs

During the process, problems with building systems are identified, and recommendations for fixing the problems are made. The process can range all the way from very simple to highly detailed, but the bottom line is always the same: identify ways to save money through better system performance.

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